Workshop of tourism experts, where the audience will be composed of students from both universities. The aim is to discuss and exchange information on the topic of services in tourism before the pandemic and after the pandemic in the Czech-Polish border region. The workshop will include an online discussion between workshop participants and students. The workshop will be the basis for compiling a questionnaire for primary research. The meeting of researchers and partners from both universities will be prepared immediately after the project is assigned. This is due to the necessity of precise planning of the workshop, setting deadlines and workshop participants.

Direct target groups

Students of the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Liberec • Students of Wrocław University of Economics and Business, Filia Jeleni Góra • Entrepreneurs in tourism from the Jizera Mountains region.: 200

Selection/outreach: Workshop with a panel discussion of about 20 experts from academia (CZ, PL), director of TRJH, head of the Regional Office of Liberec Region (Department of Tourism) and representative of Dolnośląskiej Izby Gospodarczej, owners and managers of companies providing accomodation, restaurants, plus representative of travel agencies. The online audience will be students of both universities together with academics and representatives of business entities.


The workshop will be promoted by means of: • project website, where the workshop will be streamed • Instagram with photos and comments from the workshop • website and social networks of the researcher Technical University of Liberec and partner University of Wrocław •website of the TRJH and Dolnośląskiej Izby Gospodarczej.

Role of the applicant and project partners

The workshop will be organized by the project leader, who will provide the venue, streaming, refreshments and promotion of the V4 fund. The partner will participate in securing the workshop participants and promoting the workshop. The exact arrangement will be jointly coordinated by online communication.