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Implementation period: 01/10/2022–28/02/2023

This research report will form the basic strategic document of the Tourist Region of the Jizera Mountains for the years 2023-2025 and will include both parts of the border (CZ / PL). The source for the compilation will be secondary research, which will examine three documents that concern it: • CzechTourism strategy and destinations in the Czech Republic 2021-2025 • Development Strategy of the Liberec Region 2021-2027 • Development strategy of the Statutory City of Liberec 2021 • Lower Silesian Voivodeship Development Strategy 2020 • Strategy of the Development of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship 2030 On the other hand, data from primary research carried out by both universities in the Jizera Mountains will be used. The aim of the research report is: • analyze the potential of tourism after a pandemic, its position and weaknesses • based on the analysis, propose specific strategic goals • to propose strategies for the destination Jizera Mountains The purpose of the proposed strategy is to increase the use of the potential of the Jizera Mountains Tourist Region with regard to sustainable tourism and also all involved tourism actors, ie visitors, residents and local government

Direct target groups

Companies involved in business in the field of accommodation, catering and hospitality, in the Czech part in the period of March 2021 there were 4,500 entities in the Polish part, that is about 1,000 entities.: 100000

Selection/outreach: These companies employ about 100,000 employees in the Jizera Mountains region.


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Role of the applicant and project partners

The research report will be prepared by a team composed of members of both universities, for feedback the THRJ in the Czech Republic and Dolnośląska Izba Gospodarcza in Poland will be used. Contents of the research report: Analytical part: Offer analysis (Localization factors, Realization factors); Demand analysis, CR management analysis, Competition analysis, Summary SWOT analysis Strategic part: Vision, mission, priorities, goals, strategy proposals.