Conference, Hejnice, CZ


Implementation period: 01/10/2022–30/11/2022

Conference organized in the researched area of the Jizera Mountains. This is a two-day event. The first day will be a scientific conference with the participation of external experts in regional tourism, followed by presentations by students from the Czech Republic and Poland. The evening will be dedicated to an informal meeting of students with a cultural program. The next day will feature a visit to natural monuments in the Jizera Mountains. An online compilation of the conference will be published

Direct target groups

Students of the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Liberec • Students of the Wrocław University of Economics and Business, Filia Jeleni Góra : 159

Selection/outreach: The conference will be attended by students and academics from both universities. Three experts from the field of tourism will be invited to the conference to give a professional lecture. Number of full-time conference participants: 4 academics 45 accommodated students 5 lecturer business representatives 5 lecturers from tourism organizations Number of online participants: 100 general public


The conference will be disseminated by: • project website, where a compilation of contributions and stream of the conference will be published • Instagram

Role of the applicant and project partners

Both project partners will participate in the preparation. The implementation of the conference will be prepared by the applicant; this includes the provision of transport to relevant venues, accommodation, meals, program on the first day, and a visit to natural monuments on the second day.